Homestead Elopement

Allerie + Tristan

Allerie + Tristan …where do I even begin? The minute I met them, I could just see the pure sweet love these two had for each other. We met through Alleries sister Elyse, who had come to me prior for a sunflower photoshoot months prior. The two had a vision for a destination elopement in Iceland , however with having to cancel their plans for the third time In a row due to Covid-19, they soon realized the stars were meant to aline right where they were standing.

We met up about a year prior to thier elopement and basically frolicked and danced in a field and I’ll tell you…it was just incredible what these two were capable of. The effortless outpour of love they both had for each other was endless. Not to mention , freaking adorable. I honestly felt like I was photographing with two little squirrels, enjoying life and collecting nuts….haha …idk…it makes total sense in my head, but if you’re like “ummm Caitlin”…then just insert your own idea of two cute adorable fuzzy little animals. ANYWAYYSSSS….

When Tristan and Allerie came to me with plans to elope in Arkansas, I was thrilled! Just like any other couple…I Love to do walk throughs with you of your location so that I can take some time to scout photo opportunities and where we can get away during your formal photo session so that you can have time for just the two of you.

I pulled up to the home that Allerie grew up in and one that her dad had built with his own two hands.

Greeted by dogs galore, chickens, bunnies and all the farm animals…my heart just fell in love with them all over again. Just steps away from her home, was a gorgeous wooden alter that her dad had built as well. With their idea of guests in church pews and the setting sun, I was so ready to get these two married.

Fast forward wedding day…..honestly…it couldn’t have gone more perfect. The weather, the timeline, the crazy amount of love they were surrounded by, was something I’ve never seen before.

We had a little 4×4 fun too and headed to the top of their farm where the views were just gorgeous. The kind of views that I believe Arkansas is made of. They opted for more time alone and with her bridal party ( Because yes, you’re your own boss on your wedding day) and we had a blast.

If the day was already this sweet, I could only imagine what their exchanging of vows would be like. And of course, we all were crying. Yes, total big baby over here behind the lens, I’m just thankful that my couples are so focused on getting married that they can’t hear me crying or smiling, yes smiling. You know what I’m talking about photogs.

At this point…the rest is magic. I’ll let their album speak for themselves because I’m legit tearing up over here haha.




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