California Love

So I 100% expected to be a straight up blogger, but let’s be real…when you run your own business….you’re busy being everything else you can possibly be. lol.

Now that my hands are slightly untied, I’m able to drool over this rooftop spicy session with my sweet friends. I met Lo about 11 years ago and let’s just say we had our head in the clouds & eyes on our bar tabs hahaha. We go waaaay back. But over the years its been so awesome to watch her ambitions grow & also raise a little family.

My husband and I just took a little week vacay to California for my best friends wedding and to visit some family. While I was there, I begged Lo + Roman to come play on the rooftop and dance till the sun goes down. It was so fun reconnecting after such a long time & finding that she’s just the spunky, vibrant and silly girl she always was….except she’s now a freaking fantastic mother and has the man of her dreams right by her side. I absolutely love watching my friends do life. But enough of that….I’ll wrap this up so you can drool over these sweet moments.

So here’s to love, life and a fun cali sunset! Cheers!



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